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Solana's first frictionless liquidity and trading layer

Start trading with near-zero price impacts or provide liquidity to highly capital-efficient pools.

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Protocol Features

Smart order execution (SOE)

Smart liquidity routing (SLR)

Margin liquidity

Smart liquidity arbitrage (SLA)

Smart order execution (SOE)

Orders with a price impact above 0.2% will be split and executed as fractional orders. These fractional orders give our smart liquidity routing and arbitrage mechanisms the chance to recalibrate the pools, ensuring improved pricing and liquidity after each fractional order.


For Traders: Highly Efficient Swap Rates

For Traders:

Highly Efficient Swap Rates

Due to enhanced liquidity management, traders can execute swaps with extremely low slippage and price impacts. stabble's arbitrage pools always ensure the fairest market prices for all tokens across the protocol.

Liquidity Providers: Maximum Capital Efficiency

Liquidity Providers:

Maximum Capital Efficiency

Thanks to a new type of liquidity pool, liquidity providers benefit from higher capital utilization rates and efficiency through margin liquidity and arbitrage pools. Protocol-managed liquidity offers a new approach to pool diversification with enhanced risk mitigation.

Projects: Instant Liquidity

Projects & LPs:

Cross-Exchange Market Making

Projects or liquidity providers can manage liquidity and pricing for their tokens across all major Solana decentralized exchanges. By facilitating cross-exchange market making and liquidity management, they can create liquid markets with consistently fair prices while generating profits.

$STB Holders: Yield Farming & Governance

$STB & veSTB Holders:

Yield Farming & Governance

$STB holders can stake their tokens and earn staking rewards. Locked $STB tokens get converted into veSTB tokens and receive an APY multiplier of up to 4.3x. The stabble DAO is governed by veSTB holders.

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$STB Token

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